The third pillar of AYD -- the Impact Fund -- will follow suite.

Combining intellectual capital with actual capital, the AYD membership will contribute to an Impact Fund, which will annually support at least one company thoroughly vetted for it’s disruptive potential in each of AYD’s 3 FOCUS AREAS:

Tell Impactful Stories

Preserve Environment

Create Sustainable Design

AYD is tangible positive impact on the world outside our walls

Companies applying to have their project funded by AYD’s impact fund will be evaluated based on the following metrics:

Commitment to the Mission

Environmental & social impact goals (All SDGs)

A community or worker focused impact business model (SDGs 8-10)

Job creation and potential (SDG #8)

Total number of part or full time employees with barriers to employment (SDGs 5 and 10)

GHG emissions, plastic production, or other environmental pollution reduction directly  attributed to sales of the company’s product during each year (SDGs 6, 11,13,15)