“Living in a greenhouse gives architecture a fourth dimension, where time is represented by movements of naturally recycled endless flows of growth, sun, rain, wind and soil, in plants, energy, air, water and earth. I call this NATURE HOUSING.”

-Bengt Warne

Nature house & Eco-architecture

Naturhus concept was described by Swedish eco architect & researcher Bengt Warne in the 1970’s.

Our vision is to make a self sustainable house that produces food, instead of waste. A houses that generates energy, instead of only consuming it and ultimately living spaces that induce reflection and learning thus influencing the behavior of inhabitants towards mindfulness and sustainability.

The house will be our living lab where will be developing technologies for storing waste / seasonal heat, efficient/low-cost reactors to produce biogas from human / kitchen waste. We will be also researching nutrient recovery from waste water (nitrogen and phosphorous) while assessing parameters of water quality through analytically chemistry tests.