AYD is a diverse ecosystem built for global impact and designed to foster cross disciplinary collaboration. As both a community center and members club, we aim to educate and inspire LA business leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and disruptors through immersion in the Scandinavian principles and practices that have produced such successes as IKEA, H&M, Spotify.

AYD Los Angeles will be the destination for sustainable hospitality, art and design, conservation, research, and innovation.

AYD LA is:

AYD LA is both a privately held company and a non-profit, demonstrating a self-sustainable business model where both micro and macro investments can support our heart-driven mission of positive global impact.

IT IS A...

community of like-minded individuals who believe in making the world a better place.

physical space to intentionally engage members in the cultivation and execution of collaborations focused on environmental sustainability, human rights, education and culture - both globally and locally in Los Angeles.

lifestyle lab of the future.

cultural platform to share creative production and help put knowledge into action.

creative hub for innovation where ideas can be scaled from thought to production, bringing together pivotal figures from the worlds of the arts, science, business, and entertainment.

collective  driven by investing in the world around us and to helping businesses find new ways  of working towards a circular, regenerative future.


AYD-LA’S home will be a mixed-use, zero-waste facility featuring :


Greenhouse & Permaculture Garden

Hyperlocally-sourced fresh ingredients from our own urban farm will limit travel time for food, significantly reducing our carbon footprint. We will have no need to preserve and transport organic produce. This serves as precedent: life can be lived well for the individual and surroundings, concurrently. Our intention is for our members to return home inspired and motivated to respect that nature is continually part of their daily lives.


Farm to Table Restaurant & Bar Lounge Areas

Sweden’s most exciting and innovative chefs, this private members’ restaurant will define sustainable New Nordic cuisine.  


Art & Exhibition Spaces

We will host artists, scientists, and innovators to present potential solutions to global challenges featuring the most promising approaches to address climate change and promote sustainability by highlighting both for-profit and non-profit solutions to pressing environmental issues.


Meeting Spaces


Screening Rooms

Operated by Sundance, Tribeca, and Curzon London, the cinema  will offer outstanding weekly programming co-curated by carefully selected filmmakers, artists, and musicians.


Holistic Childcare Services


Social Club & Speakeasy

Inspired by David Lynch’s cinematic world and led by Swedish Anders Ljung, who has created Northern Europe’s finest rock club in one of Stockholm’s most fashionable properties. This intimate and exclusive ‘wall on the hall’ will host special events by the best musicians and DJs from around the World.


Self-care & Healing Facilities


In-House programs will encourage expansion, healing, and restoration of the mind, body, and soul. AYD events will cultivate community and generate awareness through self-discovery, engagement, and education.